Have a seat in the park and read STIMULATED!

Here are some thoughts from people who have done just that.

“Stuck in a rut? Stimulated! will awaken possibilities you never thought existed. Read this book and jump start your life!”

Ken Blanchard,
author of The One Minute Manager
and Know Can Do!

“As an innovation how-to, Stimulated! is a fascinating book that is full of ways to help you unlock your creative potential.”

Neal Goldberg
CEO Zale Corporation

“It is a wonderful book that celebrates the energy all around us... everyday!”

Bob Porter,

Architect Vocon Inc.

Stimulated! provides straightforward and easy ways to implement and foster creativity for individuals and teams.”

– Josh Bledsoe,

Seinor Team Leader,

National FFA Organization

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“Pek and McGlade posit that the need to create is a basic human urge that is not only an evolutionary imperative, but a spiritual one, capable of mitigating everyday stresses that can lead to burnout. Citing examples of people who have pursued creative satisfaction and attained material success, such as Nike cofounder Bill Bowerman, the authors demonstrate the importance and the rewards of maintaining creative thought processes. Pek and McGlade are very earnest about their program, a series of five habits that can access creative potential: scouting, cultivating, playing, venturing, and harvesting.”

-Excerpt taken from

Publishers Weekly

Greenleaf Book Group, our publishers, had the honor of receiving a Print Industries of America Benny Award this year for Stimulated! in the Book Jacket category at the 59th Annual PIA Premier Print Awards.

The PIA Premier Print Awards is the world's largest and most prestigious graphic arts competition, with this year alone attracting over four thousand entries. The annual international contest recognizes those responsible for the creation and production of print communications, rewarding companies and individuals who produce the very best in print media. Very stimulating!!!

“The power of Stimulated! is that it is unique in its ability to prompt creativity in a practical way. Pek and McGlade are brilliant as the coach executives to expand their horizons and apply the lessons learned to their respective organizations.”

Alice Elliot, CEO

The Elliot Group

Stimulated! received a Benny Award in the book Jacket Category...


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